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Kerala Flood Victims

  Chicago and the Midwest Indian diaspora are joining hands to support the Flood Victims of Kerala.

An appeal …..

No doubt we are all so overwhelmed with the continuous news feeds and images of the disaster that struck our Kerala. It is a relief to note that the rains have subsided and that the water is receding.

The impact, however, is still looming over all of us, not only the unfortunate ones who are going through the challenges of recuperating from the losses. The immediate problems of hunger, health, sanitation, communication, mobility and so forth still remain.

The disaster is so widespread that most of us, will personally know someone by name who is impacted and, are grieved that we cannot reach out and help.

When natural disasters like this strike elsewhere in the globe, we mostly remain as onlookers relieved that we are not the victims, and pleased that massive missions lead by some agencies and kind souls are reaching out to comfort.

This time the disaster struck right at our home, while we are away. I wish I was there at the center of the action, put my boots on the ground and, physically serve with my skills, my energy and whatever it takes. The best and first support we can do under the circumstances is to reach out to the teams and efforts happening on the ground through financial assistance.

Many organizations have risen to the occasion, and so did MEANA. We as engineers have a moral responsibility to respond at times like this, without any reservations. Let us act, do our part now. Ask your friends and relatives, the general public to contribute to the Relief Funds we have set up.

Please use the link https://www.gofundme.com/meana-kerala-flood-raiser

You may also donate through the Paypal account MEANA opened for this purpose.

It is our turn to respond to the needs. The time is now.

Instead of the grand Onam celebrations we do every year, let us do a Fund Raising dinner on Friday 24th evening. The venue will be Ashyana Banquets Hall, 1620 75th St, Downers Grove, IL 60516

There will be free dinner sponsored by well wishers and, music when we come together and express our solidarity for a worthy cause.

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