The membership to MEANA is open to all engineers, whose ancestry can be traced to Kerala (Malayalee), with a four-year degree in any engineering discipline from an accredited institution or a professional Engineer’s (P.E.) license. The life membership fee is $150. The membership fee is the primary source of income at the present time to meet the operating expenses. The operating expenses include MEANA web site, mailing, and other incidental expenses. We encourage all members to take a life membership.

We invite every Malayalee engineer in the United States to join MEANA or form their own local chapters. In the future, we all can join together to form a national alliance with equal representation from all local chapters. Together, we can contribute to the professional development of our engineering community and create a network of Malayalee engineers in the U.S.

A membership directory is maintained online and is available to all life members in good standing free of charge.

Our membership is scattered throughout the United States. Approximately 50% of our members have life memberships. We urge you to take a membership in our association and together we can work for the professional development of our members and form partnership in worthwhile projects in Kerala.