Project 1000 – MEANA’s ambitious Scholarship Program

MEANA is very proud about the scholarship program we offer for engineering students in Kerala. Every year, we solicit nominations from Principals of ALL accredited Engineering Colleges of Kerala, and their nominees compete for the MEANA scholarship. The scholarship amount is $150 per year for 4 years till course completion for every student. Today MEANA’s list of scholars has grown to a remarkable 253! Learn more below.

In 2007 we crossed our primary target of 100 students and have renamed the program to Project-1000 from the original Project-100. In 2014, we are at 253. And we need your generosity to continue the support we have been able to provide these young and deserving students. Hope you will write to us. Together we can reach there!


Just $150 per year for 1 student!

Please contact at:

MEANA solicits nominations from principals for the new batch towards the end of every year. We have 100+ applications every year from principals of around 30 Engg Colleges waiting for your help. We will be able to help as many students as the number of sponsors we get. So please join hands with us to make their dreams come true!!!

For Principals: HOW TO NOMINATE? Please click to see the Step-by-step process, Eligibility criteria, required documents etc here.

If you are student, please contact your Principal’s office to get nominated.

Complete list of MEANA Scholarship Recipients

Proud Sponsors
– Without whom we couldn’t have made this dream come true!

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You may contact us with the initial application and details for us to review.