Secretary: Steby Thomas

Steby Thomas


Dear Friends,

With immense pleasure and happiness, I am presenting before all of you our most recent and revised website of the Malayalee Engineers Association in North America (MEANA). I am sure that the new MEANA website will give all of us a great understanding and in-depth knowledge of the activities and commitments MEANA as a non-profit organization is providing to society.

MEANA was established by a group of like-minded Malayalee Engineers in the Greater Chicago Area in the year 1992 and has successfully completed 27 years of operation. MEANA has created a great deal of unity and cooperation among the Engineering and Technology Fraternity scattered around the different parts of the United States of America.

MEANA welcomes all Malayalee Engineers with a Bachelor’s in Engineering/ Technology Degree from a recognized University to join as life members of MEANA. As the current President of MEANA, I welcome all Engineers based in the United States of America to be part of the MEANA family as life members.

MEANA has successfully carried out a lot of charity work in the US and in India. Even though we celebrate our successes as Engineers based in the US in our professional career, we also keep our hearts and efforts open to the less fortunate ones in our society through charity and other humanitarian efforts. Providing Educational Scholarships to the bright and financially backward Engineering Students studying in various Engineering Colleges in the State of Kerala in India is one of the credible and successful charitable missions which MEANA is doing for the past two decades. In the year 2018 MEANA was able to build 65 houses to the needy and poor in the State of Kerala in India who lost their homes caused by the devasting floods that swept the entire State of Kerala.

MEANA’s mission and goal moving forward will be to participate and contribute in more charity events along with conducting meaningful and knowledgeable Technical Seminars that will benefit the young and aspiring Engineers. MEANA will also be providing guidance and support to Engineers who are seeking new jobs and career opportunities. One of MEANA’s future mission is to create a Placement and Guidance Cell which will benefit Engineers and Technologists around the United States of America in providing the right advice in guiding them to the right career path.

As President of MEANA, I am deeply honored to serve the MEANA family by growing the organization to a new level and providing the best support and service to the society we are currently living.

I look forward to working closely with all my friends and colleagues who belong to the Engineering Family to make this world a better place to live.

Thanking You,
Sincerely Yours,

Steby Thomas

President, MEANA